about the project

Kidsafe and AAMI present the Unconventional Oven. A demonstration designed to counter an increasing problem; despite the warnings, many Australian kids are being left unattended in cars. And the numbers are rising along with the temperature.

Across Australia over 5,000 children are left in cars every year. In New South Wales 2,200 children were rescued from cars in 2013 alone, and in one of the country’s hottest states, Queensland, a staggering 3 to 5 cases are reported every day. Tragically, for some children rescue comes all too late.

To prove just how hot the sun can make a parked car, Kidsafe asked award-winning chef, Matt Moran to literally cook a meal in one.


Kidsafe proudly supported by AAMI

the numbers


Every year across Australia, approximately 5,000 children have to be rescued from cars.


The temperature inside a parked car can be over 30 degrees hotter than outside.


of total temperature rise occurs within the first 5 minutes of parking a car.


Even on a cooler day, temperatures inside a car can reach well above 70°C


Three quarters of children rescued from cars are aged under four years old.

what people are saying

why are children at risk?

The temperature inside a parked car can be more than 30 degrees hotter than outside. Children are particularly at risk because they lose fluid quickly. Dehydrated children are at risk of suffering potentially life threatening heatstroke. There are a number of situations that can lead to an incident; changes in a normal routine or the keys being accidentally locked inside can result in a child being left in a car unintentionally. Parents sometimes choose to leave their child unattended, thinking they will only be gone for a few minutes. This can easily turn into ten to fifteen minutes and because the temperature rise in a vehicle is so rapid, even a short amount of time can place them in extreme danger.

reduce the risks

Never leave a child unattended in a car
If you have to leave the car, even for a minute, always take the children with you
Create a ‘look before you leave’ routine whenever you get out of the car

Leave something in the back seat that you will need to take with you (e.g. handbag or laptop) as a reminder that you have a child with you
Remember that large cars heat up just as fast as smaller ones
Lock cars and secure keys out of reach of children to prevent children gaining access to and playing inside the car

about Kidsafe

Kidsafe, the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia, was established in 1979. We are an independent, non-profit, non-government charitable foundation dedicated to the prevention of unintentional death, injury and associated disability to children. Since Kidsafe’s establishment, the number of children in Australia killed by unintentional injury has been halved. This has been achieved through collaboration with others to provide injury prevention programs, media campaigns and educational resources.

about AAMI

AAMI is renowned for its commitment to driver safety. Not only have they been helping Aussie drivers get back on the road for over 40 years, they’ve also developed popular innovations like the AAMI Safe Driver App and Skilled Drivers Program. This summer, Australian drivers and their children face a risk no amount of skill can protect against: the sun. That’s why AAMI are delighted to be supporting such an important project.